Emperor’s Delight

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As the name implies, this coffee will make you tingle with delight as you enjoy some of the amazing fruity flavours of Ethiopian coffee with hints of apple, lemon, gooseberry and apricot. The coffee has a light and crisp finish.

🌎 Source:
Yeppo Farm, Sheka
⚡ Strength:
😋 Tasting notes:
Apple, Lemon, Gooseberry and Apricot
🫘 Process:
☕ Roast:

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Why 'Emperor's Delight'?

In the language of old, the emperor in Ethiopia was known as the “King of Kings”. The longest ruling emperor in Ethiopia was Haile Selassie who ruled Ethiopia from 1930 until 1974, and it was during this time that Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa became the headquarters of the African Union. One of Ethiopia’s most famous distance runners, Haile Gebrselassie was born in the same year that the emperor was deposed and he was named after Ethiopia’s last emperor. People sometimes refer to Haile as the ‘Emperor of Long Distance’, although those who know him well simply call him ‘Haile’.

This coffee comes from Haile’s farm in south-western Ethiopia and brings you some of the amazing fruity flavours associated with Ethiopia’s finest specialty coffees. This coffee has notes of apple, lemon, gooseberry and apricot with a light and crisp finish.

When setting up the farm, Haile invested significantly in a washing station so that the entire process from picking the cherries through to sorting, processing, transporting and storing in the warehouse in Addis could be carefully monitored and controlled. Washed coffee often produces a better coffee because it reduces the risk of using defective beans. However, it does depend on reliable access to water and expensive machinery. It helps that Haile’s farm is bordered on three sides by fast-flowing rivers!

This coffee works well for filter and cafetière coffee.