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You can’t go wrong with our flagship medium roast house blend with flavour notes of chocolate and caramel when taken with milk, and notes of lemon and apricot when enjoyed as a neat espresso.

🌎 Source:
Yeppo Farm, Sheka
Awash River, Sidama
⚡ Strength:
😋 Tasting notes:
Chocolate & Caramel
🫘 Process:
☕ Roast:



Why 'Pace Perfection'?

To achieve success in running requires consistency of pace and perseverance. Likewise, the hallmark of a good coffee is being able to reproduce consistency of flavour – a particular skill when blending coffees as is the case with this coffee which mixes coffee from Haile’s farm in south-western Ethiopia and from a farm in the Sidama region of southern Ethiopia. Having the flexibility to use different Ethiopian coffees actually makes it easier to keep the flavours consistent.

We designed our house blend working with some of the top experts in the industry. The blend comprises coffee from farms in the Sheka region of south-western Ethiopia and in the Sidamo region of southern Ethiopia. Both coffees are shade-grown under the canopy of larger forest trees, resulting in healthy beans that mature more gradually. The rich biodiversity of the forest gives added nutrients to the soil.

This coffee works well for espresso, filter and cafetière coffee. It also happens to be our most popular and fastest-selling product!